Welcome, Friends

© Image from the Quaker Tapestry Museum.
Niagara Quakers do not have a physical Meeting House but the gathered meeting transcends a building.

Quakers believe

There is that of God in everyone. From this we derive our Testimony of Equality. In keeping with our testimony, we welcome everyone to worship with us, regardless of race, class, creed, age, sex, or sexual orientation.

We invite you

Join us in worship in the simplicity of the quiet Quaker Meeting. The Meeting is unprogrammed; there is no formal service and no clergy. We meet in silence to be open as a group and as individuals to the “leading of the Spirit.” Anyone is free to speak or pray aloud, if moved by the Spirit.

There is no creed

While the Religious Society of Friends grew from Christian roots, Quakers are open to the idea that spiritual leadings may come from other religious and philosophical traditions. Friends are a diverse group with membership from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs.

Stand still in that which is pure.

George Fox